Public school students in Henderson, Nevada are part of the outstanding Clark County School District. Henderson has 23 public elementary schools, 6 public middle schools, 6 public high schools, 1 charter school, and 12 private schools.

A few of the schools in Henderson, Nevada that are known for excellence are:

Lamping Elementary – This school is a great place where parents, teachers and staff all work together to give children a safe and fulfilling education. This school has been considered an “exemplary” school for some time.

Harriet Treem Elementary – This elementary school always passes the grade on the annual progress under the No Child Left Behind guidelines. This school keeps their classroom sizes to about 19 students per one teacher. Local parents give rave reviews for this school and state that their children are very happy here.

Burkholder Middle School – This middle school in Henderson, Nevada is home to 918 students. This is a diverse school that is always focused on improvement for their students.

Basic High School – Basic is home to almost 2,500 students and about 100 teachers Basic is a school focused on community. They have a special program called “We R Community” to help the students learn to be great philanthropists. They also have 24/7 tutoring available online for students and many other features that set them apart.

This is just to name a few of the great schools in Henderson and the Green Valley area of Nevada. The school system is amazing and the parents are very involved which makes the learning experience a great one for each student. All residents will enjoy working with the public school system here.