For Henderson MLS-Combers, the Tide is Always Out

House hunters are sometimes compared with treasure hunters—and it can certainly feel like that when you find a Henderson home that’s a perfect fit. The other day, I read a writer who compared house hunting with beachcombing. That might pass muster at first—but when you think it over, it really doesn’t quite work.

For one thing, the average beachcomber is only out to enhance a surfside stroll by picking up something interesting. Unlike a dedicated treasure hunter or house hunter, a beachcomber isn’t focused on any specific prize. Dedicated treasure hunters spend days in dusty libraries researching historical rumors about buried chests or sunken galleons. House hunters, likewise, put a lot of energy into prowling through the Henderson listings, narrowing the possibilities. Beachcombers are less focused—and a lot less determined.

For Henderson house hunters, our Multiple Listing Service is the primary go-to resource. It’s a treasure in itself: a single place to turn when it comes to finding Henderson homes currently on the market. Beachcombers have no like counterpart. Sure, once the tide is out, any given beach might have a lot of flotsam and jetsam. But it’s blind luck whether any of it will be worth carrying back.home-search-3

Compared with vacationing beachcombers, MLS-combers have much more rigorous standards. Most beachcombers will at least bend down to examine anything shaped like a Shell gas station sign, even if it’s partially busted up. MLS-combers, on the other hand, move on without a second glance if the picture at the top of a Henderson listing looks at all shabby.

Whenever you are doing some tropical beachcombing, and you find a really large shell (like a conch), even if there’s no extra space in your luggage, you’re likely to haul it back to the beach blanket for everyone to admire. But if you are MLS-combing and you come across an 18-bedroom mansion, you won’t add it to your 4-bedroom, 3 ½ bath Serious Contender list. MLS-combing is more focused than beachcombing.

I’d have to go with treasure hunting as the best metaphor for house hunting—and right now, the Henderson MLS is loaded with treasures that aren’t even buried. Give me a call if you’re in the market—we’ll give some of the best ones a good look!


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